CITY serves to glorify the Gospel through the salvation of souls and joining together in His mission.

CITY is a week-long overnight camp for youth ages 13-18. Campers will learn about and live out the Gospel through worship, teaching, recreation, relationships, and presentations. It will be a unique and sobering experience for campers to unplug from their everyday lives and dive into a time of reflection, fun, and community in a camp setting. Every aspect of our program is designed for campers to experience the character and work of God through everything we do. We commit to provide caring and prepared counselors, compelling teaching, an unforgettable program. 

Our prayer is to see campers acknowledge the Gospel as their own personal good news and share it with their families, friends and community members upon return from CITY. We desire to help un-churched campers plug into local churches and maintain long-term relationships with other campers through reunions, social media, and partnerships in community projects. We believe that God will extend His kingdom in our region through this network of young and unashamed believers.

Please pray with us as we serve the next generation.

The Campsite: Hands In 4 Youth

The campsite is a 220 acre private woodland nestled in foothills of the Ramapo Mountains in Northwest New Jersey. The staff is dedicated to inspiring people to connect, learn, and play in the natural camp setting. Amenities include high and low challenge courses, archery range, a private lake for swimming, canoeing, fishing, and beach-front activities, barbecue and campfire facilities, an indoor gymnasium, and multiple athletic courts including but not limited to basketball and volleyball.

Why the name, CITY?

In the Bible, mankind started in the Garden of Eden. But God says that we will not return to that Garden; instead, we will end up in a redeemed world characterized as a holy CITY designed by Him.  In "A Theology of Cities" , Reverend Timothy Keller describes it as:

1. A place of refuge and safety - "It has always been a place where people come who are too weak to live in other places. In the earliest days, cities provided refuge from wild animals and marauding tribes and criminals. When Israel moved into the promised land, the first cities were built by God’s direction as ‘cities of refuge’, where the accused person could flee for safety and civil justice. Thus God invented cities to be a sign of divine, not self, protection. Even today, people like the homeless, or new immigrants, or the poor, or people with ‘deviant’ lifestyles, must live in the city. The city is always a more merciful place for minorities of all kinds."
2. A cultural centre - "Even the description of the wicked city of Babylon shows the power of the city to draw out the resources of creation - of the physical world and the human soul. In Revelation 18 we see that the city is a place of 1) music and the arts 2) crafts and works of all arts and manufacturing 3) trade and retailing, 4) technological advance, 5) family building. This is what the city was designed by God to do, as an instrument of glorifying him by ‘mining’ the riches of creation and building a God-honouring civilisation."
3. A place to meet God - "Ancient cities were religious institutions. They were usually built around a ‘ziggurat’ - the original skyscrapers! They were temples where a particular god was thought to ‘come down’. The cities were seen to be the royal residences of the god, and the city was dedicated to him/her. The city was where the cultus for that god was centred, and where you went if you wanted to serve him or her. All of this was probably a twisted ‘memory trace’ of the original design of God, that the Edenic city, the new Jerusalem, would be the place where people would meet him, where his temple/ presence would be."

We earnestly pray that CITY camp would live out the implications of its name as described above: heaven on earth.